« Food for thought so get a buffet plate

The lyrics are so fat you might gain weigh »

« I’ve got some issues that nobody can see
And all of these emotions are pouring out of me
I bring them to the light for you
It’s only right
This is the soundtrack to my life »

« In my shoes, just to see what it’s like to be me
I’ll be you, let’s trade shoes
Just to see what it’d be like to feel your pain
You feel mine, go inside each other’s minds
Just to see what we find
Look at shit through each other’s eyes »
« Don’t let em say you ain’t beautiful
They can all get fucked up just stay true to you »

« Y’all don’t really know who I am, God damn
I’m like grease in the frying pan cause I am
Bacon, eggs, toast, butter
Smooth sexy lover more FRESH than others »

« Life can change your directions,
even when you ain’t planned it.
All you can do it handle it,
Worst thing you can do is panic. »

« Something in my eyes say I’m so close to having the prize
I realize I’m supposed to reach for the skies
Never let somebody try to tell you otherwise »

« So dare to explore
And challenge yourself
To reach heights you’ve never seen before
Go ahead touch the sky
Life is much too short
Don’t ever settle for less
If you want it the world can be yours »

« And I wish we could keep achieving wonders,
See the vision of the world through the eyes of Stevie Wonder »

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