As a native New Yorker, who grew up immersed in hip hop culture, joining One Two Three Rap in Paris, was an unforgettable experience.  My objective upon joining was to use my language skills to assist students in improving their English.  Additionally, I hoped to help them understand more about the culture of hip hop and encourage them to further explore their own creative talents. 

However, at the end of my term, I left feeling grateful for the valuable lessons they had taught me.  Each week students from our workshop would show up on a voluntary basis.  No one was forcing them to attend.  Week after week, there they were, ready to learn.  Their commitment and determination was inspiring.  They would walk in eager to find out what song and which artist we would be studying that week. 

From the first day, I was welcomed with open arms.  This kindness was displayed on consistent basis.  They were all encouraging, supportive and respectful towards each other.  These kids were fearless, okay with making mistakes and trying again.  They weren’t shy or embarrassed to ask questions or help when trying to write their own rhymes.  Their confidence grew and I am proud to have witnessed their individual growth.

My experience wouldn’t have been as rewarding if it wasn’t for the additional support I received from the organization.  Whether it was an administrative question or regarding an upcoming event, Anais was extremely helpful answering any questions.  She also showed a sincere interest in any ideas that I had to improve the workshop experience.  Additionally, I couldn’t have asked for a better team to work with side by side; Laz Rael and Grant added to my enjoyable experience.  Each member of the One Two Three Rap staff wants to see the organization excel and as a result, the staff is made up of talented individuals that come together for a common purpose.  While my time with One Two Three Rap is over, I will always be more than willing to help from my side of the world in way that I can. 


Denise T.