Les sons du CD – 2013

Ecouter nos 3 morceaux de notre premier CD One, Two, Three…Rap 2013 #1 Recording!!!


Vidéo de l’enregistrement du CD 

Nouvelle vidéo de notre passage en studio pour l’enregistrement de notre premier CD au  Canal 93 avec Nakk Mendosa et Gezzy et la One, Two, Three…Rap! Team 2013!!!

Paroles et photos du CD

“Mayday, Mayday, Mayday

Wake up! It’s another fucking day

Five years in a playroom, bad girls in a bedroom

Dare me, dare me say they don’t mess my way *rires*

Anyway, “Harry world”

Run full-speed into bad wall

Touch the clouds but they not gone

(Yeah) I know it’s crazy and it’s not old !!!”


“Wise Child here it’s ready to get down !

No crisis they only care when you’re gone

Damn ! I want o… I want oxygen, I need oxygen

Cause I see this maiden she said she wanna dance again

I know her name but beside her I play ignorant

And I like when she smile me, talk me, dance with me, call me “my pumpkin”, now and then”

– Farès


“That was the last day 

Holidays was on my way 

Errrday chillin’

Keep my smile like its payday 

Dreamin about anythin’ 

We don’t care anyway 

Today I wrote dope shit 

Stand up on my j’s 

I was lookin for the sun 

Hide behind the sky grey 

I was lookin for some fun 

Like the party of friday 

Red cup good vibes 

Red cap good rhymes”

– Yoann

 389mkq - copie

“I love the holidays 

and to chill with my friends

I go on vacances every summer

every night we go on after

smoke a hooka

I like Nakk Mendosa”

– Lina


“Let’s take each other’s hand, Life is precious

Do not give up trying

Sometime I don’t understand all these conflicts,

 life is mysterious

Why so serious, come on let’s kick it”


“Let’s go on together for holliday 

around the word everything ok

everybody get up, go with Audrey

and what if we went to Zimbabwe”

– Mama

 IMG_9982 - copie

“Knock knock, guess who ? Yes, it’s me

It’s not no joke though, I just need I.D.

Got no idea how you get into clubs

With that baby face of yours, shit lookin’ like a cub

Little baby kitten…Pet me while I’m sittin’

On a pile of rappers…And oh no you didn’t 

Yes, you caught me shittin’

Never catch me slippin’

In any kinda court, unlike Mr. Pippen

Stop tryin’ to judge me like “order in the court”

I’ll have a cheeseburger is what I retort

Being a smart ass is my only resort

Yours is a 5 star hotel of course

You’re a fucking douchebag of the douchebagy sort

And I’m in a fuckin’ anti-douchebag revolt

So please get your dudes back while I put you on this catapult

And send your ass away to the Hubble Telescope (oh!)”

– Atte


“My life wasn’t easy everyday 

You know i have styuggle everyday

I think i find something in my way

Music is all my life,Music is all my love 

You know when you still sad happy nervous

Think about it)x²

It’s make me feel good everywhere is the shit

No matter what kind of music it is 

Listen to me and my music you won’t be dissapointed

There’s so many artist in the game and so much music in the world

But they don’t rap for a reason and this is rap incovenient….”

– Kady

 gynyis - copie

“Yeah !

Sunday champagne on paris

With my friends and Alice

In Wonderland no candy

just murder and surprises

so many people are working

just hard and for nothing

don’t wanna stay in my ghetto

traveling world with Oreo

so far away like new Zelland

turn you’re head and listen

nineteen-thee is turning off

kill you’re kids and take it off

they big buys fuck you’re white wife

they big guys or not no life

she sheating everyday

you don’t know everything

she recording a porn casting 

with Rocco and his dick in !

now you’re son is Italian

good music and good reason

Smoke smoke smoke that good weed man 

but you pay for that shit them

bute i’m slip like snoop lion

it’s my bad reputation

F.U.C.K fucking like J.K

fucking Marylin for his birthday

i would have this fucking chance

but i have a french girlfriend”

– Mehdi


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