Writing Session with Oracy (UK rapper) – Thursday 21st 2015


Our first class of the new year thrusday 8th January

Listening the Talib Kweli’s song GET BY!!!


At our latest workshop @ Mains d’Oeuvres

Beatmaking workshop with Avante o Coletivo ( Brezilian hip hop artists)

Doing some pre-rap stretches!!!


Creativity and steady RHYMES @Mains d’Oeuvres – 16/10/2014


2014-10-16 19.43.55


” I have a dream

That in five years I will leave

I wanna go accross the 7 seas, from the 90’s

Having a good carrier, wife and kids…”


” I have a dream to dicsover the world

Open my eyes, be more simple

Be helpful, be near to MY People.”


2014-10-16 20.01.25

” I have dreams

But they’re like infirms


And united like team,

soft like ice cream,

But they’re strong like bears.”


2014-10-16 20.44.42



Time to write !


“I prefer to progress on my own

To regress together

Life is expensive, I pay the price of death

People are hungry while people eat quickly here”


Spitting rhymes in Saint-Ouen

séance 2 saint ouen

séance 2 saint ouen (2)

First workshop @ Mains d’Œuvres !

saint ouen 03 saint ouen 04 saint ouen 06


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