Réouverture des ateliers le mardi 12 janvier 2016 de 18h30 à 20h30!!!!



Who’s the BOSS Monday 13rd April 2015

Watch the videos

Last workshop en mode Raise the LEVEL at La Courneuve


” Every Day, I’m raisin’ the bar 

Let me improve my game

So I can shoot for the stars.”

– Elyès

Beatbox Day @ FLASH de La Courneuve


USA Day @ FLASH de La Courneuve


Next generation !

Les ateliers avec les FLASH ont repris depuis le 7 novembre !


“This chick is rich

This man is poor

Open this door and see I’m strong like Muhammad Ali”

– Adnane

20 Mars 2013 Avec S.Pri Noir

Voici les photos et vidéo de son passage parmi nous!!!

photo 2 (1)

photo 1 (1)


The Flashs got the power!


“I wake up in the morning to get more power

6 A.M to 8 I grind, don’t care of the hours.

Nothing can crash me down cause what doesn’t kill me

Make me stronger.”

– Aymeric


“My father told me “play football better than anybody I ever seen do it”

And since I put my Nike on : fast is faster,

Just like Miami you feel the heat.

I swear that I “Just do it”.”

– Anthony


Merci à toi LAWID!


Vidéo de son freestyle du 6 février 2013!!!

Who’s the boss?

“I am the Boss

With my friend Rick Ross.”

– Amir

“I want to snatch my dream to make my mom

Proud and buy a new home.

I try to be on top,

Even if I come from the bottom.”

– Aymeric


“MMG is Empire U

Scream in my hood

And my homies bite like vampires.

I’m a BOSS U know,

I save your pretty girl and she call me HERO! “

– Loïc

” Hey Bitch, I’m your boss

Stop show off, you’re not Rick Ross

You better run, if I kill you

Your a Snitch, don’t lie give me the truth.”

 – Ilyas

” I play like a boss

Like Randy Moss

On the rise like Jerry Rice

This game ain’t Recess, 

Play like a boss and you’ll access. “

– Kevin

30:02:12 Writing

” Griffin III is the best

Tom Brady is the looser

Here you met the boss

You are a poser.”

– André

“I am the boss when I run I take control of the city gone. “

– Bafodé

“To be ready,

To be hot,

To be crazy

It’s like that with an O.G.,

I pray only Me.

You don’t believe me, Seriously ? 

Don’t cry when I will be F** your lady.”

– Jason


Riots in L.C.

“Don’t need violence to express myself in a riot

When I’ll be at the top,

They won’t call my hood idiot.”

– Megatron

“Stop the LA riots and you will be the bests

I am a white man but I love blacks

I said rest in peace for 2Pac.”

– Ilyes

photo 5

“ This nigga’s speak behind my back

Say 2pac and the riots run like a running back.”

– Loïc

“The day of Riots

Stop and don’t be idiots

You don’t want to be arrested.”

– Bafodé

Christmas Rhymes

To keep your Christmas spirit here are some Christmas Rhymes! 

“All I want for Christmas

Take my sister in my arms

See the smile on her face.”


“Christmas is the moment when you get together with the family

I have fun, no sun

But only the love if family.”

“It’s Christmas Eve

I want as a gift a girl like Eve

Christmas is a beautiful party

When it happened with family.”


Session #5 


“Nyhor thinks he is the master of Hip Hop

I’ll teach his little self what is the top.”

– Jason

“Listen to the beat in my Hip Hop song

It destroys you like Miami heat vs the laker.”

– Mamoudou

“My Hip Hop is in all the shop because my music is hot.”

– The Animal

“When I was eight I listened to my first Hip Hop song in a I-Hop

Right now its style follow me because I can make it drop.”

– Nyhor

“Your hip hop is bullshit, my one is so real

For me a one handed catch, it’s no big deal
I put the swag on, my hip hop on the beat

My verse is a punishment, when you feel the hit.”

– Megatron



Session #4

“When I will be better in English

I will talk to girls like Hitch.”

– Fab

“I’ll stay in school

Because I am cool.”

– Mamoudou

“I will never be late for the money

Like for the good foods from my daddy.”

– Steve

“I will be like John Beason

During the off season

I’ll take no days off that’s the reason.”

–  Kevin



Session #3

“I am the player of the day

Like my swag next Sunday.”

– Mamoudou

“Today is Wednesday it’s a good day

Oh! For me everyday is a good day.”

– Jason

“Monday is a sunny day

So I’m going to eat a Sunday.”

– Kevin

“I say,

I can beat you any given Sunday.”

– Steve



Session #2

“You want to be like me

But you don’t have the same level as me

So stay at home and look at me on T.V.”

– Mamoudou

“I am too far for you

I got game

You see the number

You know the name.”

– Anthony


First Time Writing Rhymes Down 

“Before, my game is cool
 Because I don’t think about school.”

– The Animal

“Before each game my heart beat fast,

I know they put on thongs 

I will destroy them because I’m very strong.”

“I’m the best
 The people in front of me are only a test
 I’m ready
 They don’t know but they will see.”

– Jason

“Game is coming I heard all tackles breaking
 Everyone’s know I’m the big beast who will be winning.”

– Fab


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