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Some Tuesday’s Rhymes

“My Favorite Athlete
The Best Athlete is Usain Bolt
The best basket ball player of this year is
LeBron James
Do you know the bolt.”

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“(My favorite t.v. show) Desperate housewives because I like Eva Longoria
(Best day of my life) When I have my bac
The best athlete is Bolt
(I’m the best) Because I’m different
(I get sad) Because I don’t have money
(My hero) It is my mother
Money makes me happy
Money is an obstacle in my life…”

Masta Lax & M-Town @FJT Championnet le 19 Mars 2013




Session #6 

“In this sea of artists

I am nothing but a drop

But I won’t swim thru polluted waters

I’ll generate a tsunami that will bathe all the others

And make them find the river that

Separated them from their brothers.”

– Flavio

“I listen the Hip-hop style in the car

It makes me feel good like I could be a star.”

– Rodin 


“Hip-Hop, Hip-Hop is my life

Hip-Hop is my wife

You give me a nice life

I don’t forget what you brought me.”

– Lil Mac


“I prefer to listen to Hip-Hop

Every day to be at ease

For me, without Hip-Hop, 

I cannot get healthy.” 


“While I am sleeping

A song woke me up

It was my neighbor’s noise

‘Cause he likes to turn it up

But what a fucking noise!

He makes me furious

So I put my headphones on

To hear my Hip-Hop sound

And nothing else matters

I’m in my loving world…”

– Annabelle

Session #5

Petite vidéo de nos rappeur/rappeuse en guest star : Daniel & Neïla

“I’m over the limit

So I ain’t got no limit

Watching up and down

Only the sky is my limit.”


“My father pushes me to the limit

I don’t listen to him

I don’t have limit 

I want to be like him.”

– Daniel


“How can I exceed my limits

If I have none

I have no breaks in my mind

I’m fast like a gun.”



“Sky is the limit for Notorious BIG

And I know I have no limits 

Because you are part of my life

And I tell you you are the sunshine of my life.”

– Aurélia


“People say that I have limits

But I know that I am strong

I don’t have limits, nothing can break me, 

I know my limits

My legs and hands are strong

I stand tall, the referee whistles the first round

I am free, I am ready to fight, I don’t have limits.”

Session #4 – Get Ready for a Riot!

“Everytime they attack us

We riot on them, school finish we steal

Leading on them, we got to show them

Who’s the best cause it’s a rap contest.”

– Azias

“ In 2008 the citizens of Barbès

Made a Riot because the guys of Barbès

Were attacked from the guys of la Goutte d’Or

And somebody was killed.”

– Bouriema


“If I was a snail

I couldn’t have beautiful nails

So I could try to make riots, 

And for sure I’ll have many compatriots

Sure I’ll be going so slowly

Any way I don’t want to rally

So let me go

And welcome to my riot…” 

– Anabelle

“My heart is silent but my head leads me to riot.”

– Daniel

“Riot in the city of Rabbits

Talk without limits

Live free and die free

Nobody shoot you out.”

– Slim

“In the war in Africa, there are Riots

While I think about my holyday in Rio

On my fucking big yatch.”

– Rodin

Session #3

“I like my mother like nothing else! “

-Lil’ Mac

“If I keep the mic and I know this you like

Get it right if you can’t, go write!!”


“If I happen to be the one you like

Give me a signal show me your light.”

– Flavio

” He goes everywhere I like

Strange he looks like

Old, rustred, it’s just Mike

He’s my sweety bike.”

– Louis

Session #2

“Someday, I will be the best

And I know this day

Everybody will have to talk everyday

Because I am the best. “

“If I had to write a song,

I will be ready to drop bombs

I can’t tell if my heart’s bleeding

But it’s not laughing

And I’m sure you will understand one day

‘Cause even if you never think of me in all your journey

I could ever say

Nothing is free in that way

And everyday I pray not to look like you

Have you ever feel shame … looking at you?”

– Annabelle


“Its a brand new day

I will come out of the closet

And tell everyone I’m gay

I wonder what they will say.”

– Flavio


“I don’t have the money of Wall Street

Because my style is constructed on a street life.”

– Lil ‘Mac


“All day I pray the dream like Martin Luther King

I got to be the best

So I work everyday to make it into reality.”

– Daniel


“ The world turn everyday

I feel alone on Monday

I do what my mind says on Tuesday

When comes Wednesday

The end of the week I want the key

I think of my brother and sisters on Thursday

My mother is in my heart everyday that god made

Salam, Shalom on Friday

The earth turn

My heart bo

But I keep hope today.”

– Neïla


“ Everyday, I’m fighting to survive

Problems come at me everyday

But that can’t take me away

‘Cause she’s the little smile that already took me away

Everyday, I’m thinking about her

She’s on my mind and I can’t forget her

Everyday, everytime I look at her, that’s why I love her.”

First Time Writing Rhymes Down

“Sometimes, I walk outside

When people play with them child

Sometimes, I love to cry

When my niggas die.”

– Azias

“I try to write rhymes 

But my heart stop sometimes

And my thoughts close

Like blinds leaving just lines.”

– Flavio

“I’d like to escape sometimes

But I have to work all the time.”

‘Cause time is money

And my pockets are empty, honey.”

– Annabelle


“Sometimes I wonder too far

Because I don’t have time.

Sometimes I have time

But my wonder are already gone.”

– Aurélia

“I can’t rap like Lil’Wayne

But sometimes I listen to Mister Wayne.” 

– Lil’ Mac

“I like sometimes to play with a ball

Look, I’m shooting for the goal.”

– Rodin


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