à Merci à tous les participants : MC DOM, MC TOM, N’Zue, MC BAZ, Kady, Mama, Terence, Ana, Ana Bumble Bzz, Oracy, Théo, Yani, Raouf, Loris, Assytan, Misha, Nouhad et à toutes les personnes qui nous aidé à organiser Hold Up Team, Juliette, le Café Culturel… BIG UP à tous et un grand merci pour la réussite de ce beau projet!

Les 4 NEW TRACKS 2015 de notre CD #3 ! A écouter et à partager de toute urgence! 

“Lucky ft. Anna Bumble Bzz”

“Unity ft. Oracy”

“Bang Bang”

“9 – 3-4′”

A écouter par ici


“Unity unity 123 become share cause want to be free
Rap for the minority the unity my rap a therapy to change theit minds and fight the reality
The knowleges of my street  give the deepness of my lyrics a mic and a bic everybody can make talk the district write this before the fail repeat listen this and call me artist.”

– N’Zué



“My name is Loris

I like making peace

I look like Astérix

I’m not the Manneken-Pis

When I got some holidays

I go with my family to Vendée

Sometimes I play GTA

I know I’m too young but it’s OK!

I want to go to army

Most of all the French NAVY

I could be the next Star of rugby

But I’m too busy watching Mister V

123Rap in the place to be

Learning English becomes funny

If you don’t believe. Wait and see

It’s just easy as ABC or perhaps 123″

– MC Loris


In the beat you need kick, people think that it’s easy,
People think that you can do everything with any key.
Be lucky, man, If you want the victory
Be lucky, man, If you think you’re lucky, you will be.
The game is very hard, money is power,
Lucky is better, stop me for being bard.
The game is very bad, no story no writer,
We are on a big stage, in fact we are the characters.
I’m lucky, man (x2)
I don’t grew up in a rich wealth but i’m lucky, man
I’m lucky, man (x2)
I so lucky man, i’m richer than you man..”



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