Working with One, Two, Three…Rap! was a really great and unforgettable experience. As an American student studying abroad, I found out about the association through my university and joined immediately, eventually becoming a teaching assistant. I met wonderful people, both students and other volunteers. The best part about participating was being able to share my love of hip hop with everyone in the program. The goal of the workshops is to help students learn English, but they also inspire empowerment, creativity and discussion about the world around us. I loved working with everyone involved and hope to do it again one day!

Natasha M. 

Natasha – Animatrice bénévole from New York City

As a hip hop lover who is majoring in English & Communication, working for “One, Two, Three…Rap!” was a perfect combination of my passion and my studies. This experience had a positive impact on me. I have learnt how to take initiatives, how to carry out a project from start to finish and acquired many other useful skills I might need in the future. I am quite shy by nature but the organization gave me the opportunity to surpass myself by teaching groups of young people and collaborating with artists or partners. Although I had to be autonomous, I was always encouraged by the amazing team and especially my two “bosses” who continuously pushed me to do better.

My service civique at “One, Two, Three…Rap!” was definitely the best ‘first work experience’ I could wish for !

En tant qu’étudiante en Anglais & Communication passionnée de hip hop, travailler pour “One, Two, Three…Rap!” représentait une combinaison parfaite entre ma passion et mes études. Cette expérience a eu un impact très positif sur moi. J’ai appris à prendre des initiatives, à mener un projet du début à la fin et j’ai acquis beaucoup d’autres compétences qui me seront utiles à l’avenir. De nature timide, l’association m’a donné l’opportunité de me dépasser en donnant des cours à des groupes de jeunes ou en collaborant avec des artistes et des partenaires. Malgré la dimension autonome de mon travail, l’équipe m’a toujours encouragée, en particulier mes deux “patronnes” qui m’ont toujours poussée à faire mieux, à me surpasser.

Mon service civique au sein de “One, Two, Three…Rap”! était sans aucun doute le meilleur ‘premier job’ dont je pouvais rêver !

Laurie A. 

Laurie – Volontaire en service civique 2013-2014


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